August 13, 2019

Let me paint a picture! I was surfing YT (as 1 does!) looking for inspo for vlogs, and I came across this random video of a woman doing a chilli challenge, nothing new there I thought, but reading the description, she mentioned a new chilli, 1 I'v not heard of...........

March 19, 2019

so time for another chilli product review, this is 1 I bought as a twin pack, but so far I'v only product tested the onions, but later there will be a review on the gherkins too...

So lets get into it, 1st off its got naga jolokia chilli's in, which I think are the 2nd...

January 21, 2019

I'm sure you've all heard of, if not used the website! for those of you who haven't, basically it's like a giant online superstore from china, where lots of small 'stores/sellers' can sell their products (usually cheaper knock off versions of a bigger brand).....

January 5, 2019

 Hi and welcome to the latest chilli product review, if you're not already aware the sdcf is short for 'South Devon Chilli Farm'. It is a company/farm that specialises is growing and producing chillis and chilli products. 

I 1st heard about these several years ago...

January 2, 2019

I was 1st diagnosed as type 2 diabetic 6 months ago, now 6 months later nothing has changed, LITERALLY,

My blood sugars are still 6.6, which apparently is still borderline and ok, my blood pressure is the same, pulse the same, weigh the same (which is pretty remarkable...

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September 27, 2019

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