Chilli product review part 10:the choco challenge

Let me paint a picture! I was surfing YT (as 1 does!) looking for inspo for vlogs, and I came across this random video of a woman doing a chilli challenge, nothing new there I thought, but reading the description, she mentioned a new chilli, 1 I'v not heard of........ This sparked my interest, upon watching (which was very hard due to her redneck accent) I discovered this thing called the choco challenge, using a chilli pepper known as the 'black reaper', now this just happen

Chilli product review: part 8 friars chilli truffles

Ok, 1st off, I know I'v skipped part 7, going by my vlogs this is product review 8, I'v missed out the chilli jellies cuz, well, crap!!! they did not deserve a follow up review basically! So now I'm back in line with my vlogging reviews! This 1 is a little disappointing, yet at the same time VERY good!, I stumbled across this site purely by accident, looking in fact for a decent strength coffee fudge for my neighbour (they do this!) when upon further inspection found it to be

Chilli product review part 6.. 'psycho' onions

so time for another chilli product review, this is 1 I bought as a twin pack, but so far I'v only product tested the onions, but later there will be a review on the gherkins too... So lets get into it, 1st off its got naga jolokia chilli's in, which I think are the 2nd or 3rd hottest chillis in the world. so wasn't too sure on the heat level. Once i opened it you could smell the pickled onions had a waft of chilli, they had a nice crunch to them, so not over pickled, or left

Chilli product review part 2,- Carolina reaper chocolate..... the worlds hottest chocolate bar

Hi and welcome to part 2 of my series, this is the Carolina reaper chocolate by chilli wizzards This is a fairly decent sized block of chocolate, 100g, BUT it costs almost a £5....£4.95 to be precise You get 24 chunks in this bar, about average really when compared to something like a cadbury bar of choc, to this date I'v on ly had 2 chunks tho, I will explain why in this blog. Upon putting it on your tongue you instantly feel the heat, this is made with 2.5% carolina reaper,

Chilli product review- part 1, Oddfellows scorpion death chilli chocolate

Hello there, and welcome to what is going to be a new 'series' of blogs, if you follow my YouTube account you will know I'v recently started a series of vlogs on chilli product reviews, well this will be the written versions of that said series, where I will be able to give a 'better' review due to having given it more thought and not just a 1st impression. And so onto it, I shall start with Oddfellows Scorpion death chilli chocolate, this is made by a small company near wher