My perception of time... is it a reality?!

Well it's been a a few years now since bad things happened, almost 3 whole years of freedom, 3 full years of saying I'm gonna do this, this is gonna change, I'm not gonna make the same mistakes again.... BUT, exactly what has changed? granted as far as I'm aware I'm not making the same mistakes again, my head seems clearer than before, I know what's good and bad for me, BUT have I really progressed? this is a big question, and I'm afraid to say, no, I don't think i have, cert

Its beginning to look alot like........ failure!!!

Well then, it's almost the dreaded 'C' word again, this has as always been my time to frantically spend spend spend all the money i have (and a lot of what I don't) I'm not the only 1 who gets into debt over this period, to me its almost as if its the only time debt is acceptable in peoples eyes, then they spend the whole of the following year recovering from it, making do with less of this or that. But what happens if your already in debt? or you struggle to get out of it du