Dr Carver's Beard Oil

a few weeks back I was gifted this oil by a friend of the family (the same friend who gifted me my 1st beard oil (reviewed on this site), they had asked if I'd like to try it, and do a review for my YouTube channel, I of course said yes...... Tonight, I finally got round to recording a review of it, Now this is probably not a brand you will of heard of, I certainly hadn't, the reason for this being that it is a 'dollar shave club' branding, basically, you sign up to their ser

trying a beard oil for the 1st time

If you weren't aware, I do beard products on my youtube channel, I subscribe to a beard care club, where each month I get a beard balm scented with a new scent each time....... Also, I buy the occasional balm here and there to try, but its always been balms, or butters Well a friend of mine recent heard I do beard products, and thought she would buy me a beard oil, I'v never used beard oils til then, so I did a bit of research (basically watched youtube videos) on how to use/

Chilli product review: part 8 friars chilli truffles

Ok, 1st off, I know I'v skipped part 7, going by my vlogs this is product review 8, I'v missed out the chilli jellies cuz, well, crap!!! they did not deserve a follow up review basically! So now I'm back in line with my vlogging reviews! This 1 is a little disappointing, yet at the same time VERY good!, I stumbled across this site purely by accident, looking in fact for a decent strength coffee fudge for my neighbour (they do this!) when upon further inspection found it to be

Chilli product review part 5,- sdcf 'extreme' chilli chocolate

Hi and welcome to the latest chilli product review, if you're not already aware the sdcf is short for 'South Devon Chilli Farm'. It is a company/farm that specialises is growing and producing chillis and chilli products. I 1st heard about these several years ago as they are situated prettyclose to where my oldest sister lives, and, as she knows I LOVE chilli stuff, she went there and bought me some peppermint chilli chocolate, then later that year for xmas, she got me a prese

Meds... an update

Well then, its been an interesting few months.. if you've been reading my blog you will know I'v been messed around a bit with my meds... my GP can no longer prescribe them (my anti-psychotics) for whatever reason, this has left me in limbo, missing out on my meds for a few days each month while I wait for a letter off the psychiatrist to say he (or as it turns out she) can see me to take over my care. Well on thursday i finally received a letter to say I had an appt to see

Chilli product review part 2,- Carolina reaper chocolate..... the worlds hottest chocolate bar

Hi and welcome to part 2 of my series, this is the Carolina reaper chocolate by chilli wizzards This is a fairly decent sized block of chocolate, 100g, BUT it costs almost a £5....£4.95 to be precise You get 24 chunks in this bar, about average really when compared to something like a cadbury bar of choc, to this date I'v on ly had 2 chunks tho, I will explain why in this blog. Upon putting it on your tongue you instantly feel the heat, this is made with 2.5% carolina reaper,

Chilli product review- part 1, Oddfellows scorpion death chilli chocolate

Hello there, and welcome to what is going to be a new 'series' of blogs, if you follow my YouTube account you will know I'v recently started a series of vlogs on chilli product reviews, well this will be the written versions of that said series, where I will be able to give a 'better' review due to having given it more thought and not just a 1st impression. And so onto it, I shall start with Oddfellows Scorpion death chilli chocolate, this is made by a small company near wher

And suddenly it actual idea!!!

Its been a long time fellow readers, I am sorry, things have been, erm, chaotic to say the least. Nothing major, just stressing out over having to go into the big city and have a health assessment for my benefits. 5 bus journeys and a taxi to get there and back... now I'v just gotta wait for the results to see if I'm still entitled to ESA. But anyway... getting back on track, the point of the blog!!! I had a brainwave, an actual idea for a series of vlogs for my YouTube chann