Chilli product review part 10:the choco challenge

Let me paint a picture! I was surfing YT (as 1 does!) looking for inspo for vlogs, and I came across this random video of a woman doing a chilli challenge, nothing new there I thought, but reading the description, she mentioned a new chilli, 1 I'v not heard of........ This sparked my interest, upon watching (which was very hard due to her redneck accent) I discovered this thing called the choco challenge, using a chilli pepper known as the 'black reaper', now this just happen

Dr Carver's Beard Oil

a few weeks back I was gifted this oil by a friend of the family (the same friend who gifted me my 1st beard oil (reviewed on this site), they had asked if I'd like to try it, and do a review for my YouTube channel, I of course said yes...... Tonight, I finally got round to recording a review of it, Now this is probably not a brand you will of heard of, I certainly hadn't, the reason for this being that it is a 'dollar shave club' branding, basically, you sign up to their ser

trying a beard oil for the 1st time

If you weren't aware, I do beard products on my youtube channel, I subscribe to a beard care club, where each month I get a beard balm scented with a new scent each time....... Also, I buy the occasional balm here and there to try, but its always been balms, or butters Well a friend of mine recent heard I do beard products, and thought she would buy me a beard oil, I'v never used beard oils til then, so I did a bit of research (basically watched youtube videos) on how to use/