My perception of time... is it a reality?!

Well it's been a a few years now since bad things happened, almost 3 whole years of freedom, 3 full years of saying I'm gonna do this, this is gonna change, I'm not gonna make the same mistakes again.... BUT, exactly what has changed? granted as far as I'm aware I'm not making the same mistakes again, my head seems clearer than before, I know what's good and bad for me, BUT have I really progressed? this is a big question, and I'm afraid to say, no, I don't think i have, cert

Social anxiety....a sufferers experience

A few years ago my sister and niece came to visit, my family went out for a meal, everyone except me, my niece didnt understand so my sister had to try and explain to a 9yo girl why I coudn't face going out, basically she just said i was extremely shy........ I wish social anxiety was that simple, I'v lived with social anxiety most my life, I was always that strange kid that never talked much, didn't have many friends, and so that has continued into my adult life Dont get me