Autochorissexuality... a new term for myself.. perhaps?....

Well, this morning, after a long night of being awake I checked upon my facebook (isnt that what everyone does 1st thing in the a.m these days!?) and came across a post about an asexual woman, and discovering about her sexuality and her disconnection from it It turns out that there is a term for this.... AUTOCHORISSEXUALITY........ after reading this a few things snagged in my head, this is something that sounds very similar to my struggle with sex and sexuality, it is basica

New year new me?!

Ok, well if I was to say this to you what would your automatic response be? probs 'oh you're goin on a diet' or 'cool, you're gonna try and sort your head out' Well yes...... and yes BUT, also over the last few nights its really been nagging me at night just exactly how i define myself, so yes this year I'm gonna try and discover some sort of definition of me, so literally a NEW me If you've been reading my little journey on here you will ave read my gender blog, this is what