My perception of time... is it a reality?!

Well it's been a a few years now since bad things happened, almost 3 whole years of freedom, 3 full years of saying I'm gonna do this, this is gonna change, I'm not gonna make the same mistakes again.... BUT, exactly what has changed? granted as far as I'm aware I'm not making the same mistakes again, my head seems clearer than before, I know what's good and bad for me, BUT have I really progressed? this is a big question, and I'm afraid to say, no, I don't think i have, cert

New year new me?!

Ok, well if I was to say this to you what would your automatic response be? probs 'oh you're goin on a diet' or 'cool, you're gonna try and sort your head out' Well yes...... and yes BUT, also over the last few nights its really been nagging me at night just exactly how i define myself, so yes this year I'm gonna try and discover some sort of definition of me, so literally a NEW me If you've been reading my little journey on here you will ave read my gender blog, this is what