Dr Carver's Beard Oil

a few weeks back I was gifted this oil by a friend of the family (the same friend who gifted me my 1st beard oil (reviewed on this site), they had asked if I'd like to try it, and do a review for my YouTube channel, I of course said yes...... Tonight, I finally got round to recording a review of it, Now this is probably not a brand you will of heard of, I certainly hadn't, the reason for this being that it is a 'dollar shave club' branding, basically, you sign up to their ser

My perception of time... is it a reality?!

Well it's been a a few years now since bad things happened, almost 3 whole years of freedom, 3 full years of saying I'm gonna do this, this is gonna change, I'm not gonna make the same mistakes again.... BUT, exactly what has changed? granted as far as I'm aware I'm not making the same mistakes again, my head seems clearer than before, I know what's good and bad for me, BUT have I really progressed? this is a big question, and I'm afraid to say, no, I don't think i have, cert

Goths, and gothic music... a rant

Well where do I start here!! Lets start with the 'elitists' these being goths who pretty much wear the full on black victorian influenced clothes, and only listen to 'gothic' music, that being a genre of music that came out around the era of punk and 80s romantics, bands such as bauhaus, and joy division. now here is where my problem starts, apparently according to these elitists, you can only be considered a goth if you listen to that type of music, and those bands BUT, upon