Chilli product review part 10:the choco challenge

Let me paint a picture! I was surfing YT (as 1 does!) looking for inspo for vlogs, and I came across this random video of a woman doing a chilli challenge, nothing new there I thought, but reading the description, she mentioned a new chilli, 1 I'v not heard of........ This sparked my interest, upon watching (which was very hard due to her redneck accent) I discovered this thing called the choco challenge, using a chilli pepper known as the 'black reaper', now this just happen

Chilli product review part 5,- sdcf 'extreme' chilli chocolate

Hi and welcome to the latest chilli product review, if you're not already aware the sdcf is short for 'South Devon Chilli Farm'. It is a company/farm that specialises is growing and producing chillis and chilli products. I 1st heard about these several years ago as they are situated prettyclose to where my oldest sister lives, and, as she knows I LOVE chilli stuff, she went there and bought me some peppermint chilli chocolate, then later that year for xmas, she got me a prese

Nothing.. If not the same!!

I was 1st diagnosed as type 2 diabetic 6 months ago, now 6 months later nothing has changed, LITERALLY, My blood sugars are still 6.6, which apparently is still borderline and ok, my blood pressure is the same, pulse the same, weigh the same (which is pretty remarkable considering it's that festive time of the year where we all over indulge!) I weighed 121kg bk then and still weigh 121kg, with a body mass index of 44 point something (its meant to be around 24 point something)

I'v only gone and done it ain't I.......

Well it's been a few years in the making, a long time of built up patience on the side of my friends, but atlast, its here, my 1st PC gaming video... Now I'v tinkered a little bit with a gaming video in the past, but using PsShare, so no real skill was used, I wasn't on cam or anything like that.... But last night, I finally did it, a 10 minute PC gaming video, and what game did I choose to use for it? why non other than..... Unreal Tournament GOTY edition ofcourse I used th

Chilli product review part 2,- Carolina reaper chocolate..... the worlds hottest chocolate bar

Hi and welcome to part 2 of my series, this is the Carolina reaper chocolate by chilli wizzards This is a fairly decent sized block of chocolate, 100g, BUT it costs almost a £5....£4.95 to be precise You get 24 chunks in this bar, about average really when compared to something like a cadbury bar of choc, to this date I'v on ly had 2 chunks tho, I will explain why in this blog. Upon putting it on your tongue you instantly feel the heat, this is made with 2.5% carolina reaper,

And suddenly it actual idea!!!

Its been a long time fellow readers, I am sorry, things have been, erm, chaotic to say the least. Nothing major, just stressing out over having to go into the big city and have a health assessment for my benefits. 5 bus journeys and a taxi to get there and back... now I'v just gotta wait for the results to see if I'm still entitled to ESA. But anyway... getting back on track, the point of the blog!!! I had a brainwave, an actual idea for a series of vlogs for my YouTube chann