Well ok, I'd actually forgot I was doing these things, not much has happened really in the past month or so, which is probs why I'v forgot bout it Well it's almost that time of year, festivities n all that malarky, but its almost the time for the new years resolutions and so forth, I tend not to bother with pointless things that I know I wont keep to, like getting more exercise, or giving up choc, instead my usual resolution is to be a better person, be that by being a nicer

Mental health.... an insiders job

A long time ago (well 1987) in a galaxy far far away....... there was a mum dad son and 2 daughters..... this is my family, or atleast it was until 1989, when something major happened. My dad died, Tbh I cant remember much about that time, other then not crying or mourning at all, years later I'v realised this was a mistake (dont get me wrong i couldn't help not crying, I just don't show emotions very well) it didn't really hit me till I was about 16, or atleast that's when m