Chilli product review: part 8 friars chilli truffles

Ok, 1st off, I know I'v skipped part 7, going by my vlogs this is product review 8, I'v missed out the chilli jellies cuz, well, crap!!! they did not deserve a follow up review basically! So now I'm back in line with my vlogging reviews! This 1 is a little disappointing, yet at the same time VERY good!, I stumbled across this site purely by accident, looking in fact for a decent strength coffee fudge for my neighbour (they do this!) when upon further inspection found it to be

Chilli product review- part 1, Oddfellows scorpion death chilli chocolate

Hello there, and welcome to what is going to be a new 'series' of blogs, if you follow my YouTube account you will know I'v recently started a series of vlogs on chilli product reviews, well this will be the written versions of that said series, where I will be able to give a 'better' review due to having given it more thought and not just a 1st impression. And so onto it, I shall start with Oddfellows Scorpion death chilli chocolate, this is made by a small company near wher

Can i handle it?...... turns out i cant

Well the other day on 'this morning' Phillip Schofield tried the worlds hottest crisp/chip type thing, it was made with the worlds hottest chilli....... The 'deadly' carolina reaper, now it's called reaper for a reason, its dammmmmmnnnnnnnnnn hot Now I'm a bit mental right? you've worked this out by now I'm sure, well I thought it'd be a really good idea to try it, on ebay its like £40 + £10 p+p... I love chilli's but Im not daft enough to pay that much just for 1 crisp (that