Dr Carver's Beard Oil

a few weeks back I was gifted this oil by a friend of the family (the same friend who gifted me my 1st beard oil (reviewed on this site), they had asked if I'd like to try it, and do a review for my YouTube channel, I of course said yes...... Tonight, I finally got round to recording a review of it, Now this is probably not a brand you will of heard of, I certainly hadn't, the reason for this being that it is a 'dollar shave club' branding, basically, you sign up to their ser

My fave far

As you should of figured out by now, I do beard stuff! or at least you'd know if you read my last blog!..... That's right beard balms/waxes/butters(!)/and more recently, oils. They don't have great hold, they just tend to shape a beard more naturally, but they come in a HUGE range of scents, from woody, to floral, to oud, to cologne, to citrus, to wacky 1s, like cola cubes (I'v literally just bought a cola cube scented balm online last night!) The quality of these balms (I'm