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What You Need to Know

Hi, my name is Jon, I was born in 1980 and have suffered with mental health since I was aged 16, it has taken many guises over the years, which has left me with  a fair amount of experience in mental health.

In this blog I aim to talk through some of my experiences as a person, as a mental health sufferer, a son, a brother, above all, what its like to be me, it will include my random views and life experiences, things that matter to me, how I aim to improve things in the coming years

Also I want this page to be light hearted, so there might be a few jokey blogs or 'in' jokes youd need to know me to get

I also have a youtube site, so if you wanna watch/listen to me ranting instead of reading it, you can check it out by clicking the youtube logo at the top of the page